You have to pay attention to these 6 things when launching your startup

The market has been explored, the product is ready to go – and now just get out with it? Better not. So that the launch of your startup doesn’t fizzle out ineffectively, you should consider these six things.

Rent sufficient server capacity

If your own website cannot cope with even a small influx of visitors, it causes disappointment on both sides. The visitors are frustrated and close the browser window quickly. The startup, on the other hand, immediately loses valuable new customers. So what to do Everything depends on the available server capacities: Amazon, for example, offers startups special conditions for using the AWS platform . Of course, corresponding packages with automatically scalable capacities can also be booked with German hosters.

Contact the local newspaper first

Media coverage is an important lever for organic growth. After all, this is usually the only way to achieve viral effects. However, founders should not immediately assume a report on relevant portals such as Gründerszene or t3n, since reports there are usually only after a significant financing round.

The route via the local newspaper is easier: anyone with their startup outside of Berlin can contact a journalist on site before the launch. Most of them are very interested in a local founding story and often come with a photographer. The reporting in local newspapers, in turn, makes your own startup more interesting for the specialist media.

Provide a press kit

However, media attention does not come about by itself – precaution is also required here. A press area on the website is extremely important, where journalists can download general information about the startup as well as logos, screenshots and photos of the founders.

Please do not save money at this point: It is worth taking some money into your hands for a professional shoot. Because poorly lit portraits – in the worst case still in black and white – tend to create a mood of sadness.

Appoint a contact person for press inquiries

And what if it works with the interests of other journalists after the launch? Then there should always be a contact person who reacts quickly to relevant inquiries. Initially, this can either be the founder himself or an employee with experience in marketing. Ideally, the contact person always has a link to the press kit and a factsheet about the startup ready for each email.

Promote your idea to Product Hunt

Dozens of startups have already won many thousands of customers overnight thanks to Product Hunt : New products from the tech scene are advertised on the platform every day. To do this, users post a link to a website and others can then upvote it. The more votes there are, the more prominently the startup is advertised. It takes a bit of luck, but it doesn’t cost anything to try.

Accompany the launch with a blog

Every startup should write a blog post just in time for the launch. It can answer important questions about the product: How did the idea come about? What problem does it solve? Who is behind it? New customers appreciate this form of approach because it is authentic and creates trust. Companies like Outbank or Scanbot provide great examples of such blog  postings .

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