Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life


Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life is a series of green text stories that often contain sexually explicit encounters between the fictional ogre character Shrek and children who pray to him.


The original “Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life” story was posted to 4chan on January, 14th, 2013, which tells the story of a 9-year-old boy who prays to Shrek prior to being sodomized by the green ogre character.

ile: 1358148753159.ipg-(105 KB, 300x300, Anonymous (ID: CBcH+zLI) 01/14/13 (Mon)02:32:33 No.450921803 Replies: 24509 >I was only 9 years old > I loved shrek so much, I had all the merchandise and movies > I pray to shrek every night before bed, thanking him for the life I've been given > "Shrek is love" say. "Shrek is life" > My dad hears me and he calls me a faggot > I knew he was just jealous of my devotion for Shrek > I called him a cunt > He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep Im crying now, and my face hurts > I lay in bed and its really cold >A warmth i > I feel something touch me > Its shrek > I am so happy > He whispers in to ear, "this is my swamp > He grabs me with his powerful ogre hands and puts me on my hands and knees s moving towards me > I'm ready > I spread my ass cheeks for Shrek > He penetrates my butthole > It hurts so much but I do it for Shrek > I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water > I push against his force I want to please Shrek > He roars a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his love > My dad walks in > Shrek looks him straight in the eye and says. "Its all ogre now" > Shrek leaves through my window > Shrek is love, Shrek is life Anonymous (ID: fBWBqNjg) 01/14/13(Mon)02:33:51 No.450922048 what the fuck Shrek face text yellow smile

>I was only 9 years old
>I loved Shrek so much, I had all the merchandise and movies
>I pray to Shrek every night before bed, thanking him for the life I’ve been given
>”Shrek is love” I say; “Shrek is life”
>My dad hears me and calls me a faggot
>I know he was just jealous of my devotion for Shrek
>I called him a cunt
>He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep
>I’m crying now, and my face hurts
>I lay in bed and it’s really cold
>Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me
>It’s Shrek


On February 18th, 2013, YouTuber SgtSnuggleButt uploaded a dramatic reading of the original green text story (mirror below, left). On the following day, YouTuber CatalystEXE uploaded another reading of the story dubbed over a dark computer animation of Shrek (shown below, right). In nearly one year, the videos gained over 550,000 and 300,000 views respectively.


On March 5th, a variation of the original green text story was posted on 4chan, in which a 14-year-old performs oral sex on Shrek after the ogre chases away his entire class at school. The green text story was subsequently submitted to the /r/FiftyFifty[4] subreddit, where it received more than 2,000 up votes and 70 comments before it was archived.

File (149 KB, 1232x1616, OnionKnightShrek.jpg) Anonymous (ID: prra5SQw) 03/05/13(Tue)18:34:46 No.463106060 Replies: 463106863463107554 Be 14 >Bring shrek 1 & 2 to class >Tell teacher we must watch shrek >Teacher makes class vote for which movie to watch >shrek 2 has majority vote >feelsgoodman.jpeg >Then, Francis pulls out Despicable Me and hands it to teacher >Everyone in class votes for it and laughs at me >Teacher throws my shreks back at me and puts Despicable Me in DVD player >As the disc loads, I hear loud footsteps from outside. The rumbling shakes the desks and chairs The smell of onions filled the room. >Suddenly, naked Shrek bursts through the wall and looks at DVD menu of Despicable Me in anger > "Ogre m'aye dead bodeh >Shrek throws two onionades at the tv and kills the teacher ad a deaf girl >"Dohble Keel" >Shrek punches through a kid's chest, pulls out his heart and replaces it with an onionade >kid explodes > Treeple Kehl >Shrek grabs Francis as he tries to escape and bends him over >He pulls out Francis' intestines through his butthole and ties an onion to it >Shrek then tosses the onion out the window and Francis is dragged out with it >Francis falls 8 stories to his death >Shrek turns around to rest of the class >He quietly whispers, "Thees is the pahrt whehre you run away >Entire class jumps out of windows to their death > SHREKSTERMINATION >Shrek turns to me >He looks me in the eve and smiles > Bet yeh weren't shrekspecting thAt. >-ls it....ogre? ask >"It's ogre when Aye say it's ogre" >I fall to my knees at his majesty was ready to please Shrek. >He pulled out his massive ogresized eshrekt cock and lodged it in my throat >My eyes filled with tears mfw they were happy tears >Shrek let out a loud ogre roar as he filled my esophagus with sour cum and onion sauce >He pulled his cock out of my mouth but as I wiped away my tears, I noticed he was already gone >Shrek is love, shrek is life Discuss Princess Fiona text

On May 28th, Redditor SirBerrington submitted a photograph of graffiti on the wall of a school library reading “Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life” to the /r/4chan[1] subreddit (shown below). Prior to being archived, the post accumulated upwards of 3,900 up votes and 100 comments.

library library science public library ceiling classroom

On November 30th, YouTuber syklopaattii uploaded a Garry’s Mod animation featuring the Scout character from the multiplayer first-person shooter game Team Fortress 2 portraying the boy in the original “Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life” story (shown below, left). On March 18th, 2014, YouTuber Sykotic uploaded a computer animated depiction of the original story (shown below, right). On March 25th, the video was submitted to the /r/videos[2] subreddit, where it garnered over 2,600 up votes and 150 comments in the first 48 hours.


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