This is how you benefit from performance marketing in recruiting

In order to inspire new talents for your company, you invest in a number of marketing channels. But how well do they work? Performance marketing measures channel performance and gives you answers.

The job is great, the job advertisement looks great, the offer has the best conditions for applicants. Just check quickly before the release, send it with one click and … no reaction.

The publication of job advertisements is now rarely associated with an automatic flood of applications. Suitable prospects for the job are few and far between and many companies are faced with a shortage of skilled workers. What to do? You have to draw attention to vacancies and work on their online visibility – and this is exactly where performance marketing comes in.

This approach is becoming more common in recruiting and is a great way to measure whether your channels are performing well. In addition, you can check whether you are using your budget correctly or whether you should split it up again. Because with performance marketing you can measure, check and optimize (fail) successes !

Know your target audience

Before you decide on the right channels to draw attention to your company and vacancies, you should first know who you want to address and reach. Therefore, give enough thought to your target group, their characteristics and how they differ from other groups. Record your findings in writing and create personas and requirement profiles in the team.

This is how you use performance marketing correctly in recruiting

There are now a number of measures to measure and evaluate the performance of individual channels and to optimize performance. The methods are always aimed at increasing the visibility of your job advertisements and your company on the Internet in order to draw the attention of promising candidates to you.

A distinction can be made between free measures such as search engine optimization (SEO) or social media marketing, and fee-based approaches such as search engine advertising (SEA) or affiliate marketing. Regardless of whether you place paid ads, work with sales partners or draw attention to your company via social networks, you should decide individually which tools are right for you, depending on the company situation and your goals.

Performance marketing in recruiting

Performance marketing helps you optimize your recruiting strategy.

Choose the right tracking metrics

So once you know your target audience and have chosen the right channels, it’s time to choose the metrics that you should check regularly. Depending on the company, recruiting situation and goals, you should decide individually which key performance indicators are particularly exciting and meaningful. The following four key figures give a rough overview of which KPIs can be tracked in performance marketing :

  • Page impressions : The page impressions show how often a certain page has been viewed by interested parties. If the number is particularly low, then you should think about how you can increase the visibility of this page.
  • Cost-per-channel : This refers to the costs that are incurred for certain channels. You can also use this key figure to see whether your expenses are actually worthwhile. If the costs for certain channels are particularly high, but the traffic is comparatively low, you should consider investing in another channel instead.
  • Click-through rate : The click-through rate (CTR) calculates how often a link or banner is clicked compared to the total number of views. The lower the click rate, the more optimization potential there is.
  • Bounce rate : The last key figure, the bounce rate, provides information about the number of people who view a page and then leave it again. If interested parties leave a certain page after a short time, the bounce rate is correspondingly high. Then you should try to work on the design, structure or content of this page and to optimize it.

In addition, there are of course many other important key figures in performance marketing that you should select and use individually. It is always important that you generate exciting and necessary data for yourself that give you information about the performance of your channels.

Performance marketing in recruiting

Know your numbers: You always have an eye on which channel is performing well.

Which instruments in performance marketing are the right ones to draw attention to your company and to vacancies? You can find more information on this in our new whitepaper “Performance Marketing in Recruiting”.

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