It’s that time of the year: 5 tips for your Christmas marketing 2020

It’s a special year and not just because of Corona. Why sales events, charity campaigns and gift gifts are important and what else you need to consider for your marketing strategy in the Christmas business 2020.

Not business as usual. The Christmas business 2020 will be different due to the corona crisis – but not necessarily worse. For example, the crisis increases the impulse for many customers to want to invest in a reward for themselves at the end of the year . So economically difficult times do not automatically have to go hand in hand with lower customer spending. That is just one of many lessons that can be learned from the crisis.

For those responsible for marketing, it will be crucial to recognize the changed needs of customers and to adapt the offer accordingly. But if you just want to reissue last year’s marketing strategy, you might be left out.

Together with You Gov, Facebook IQ carried out an extensive study on usage and shopping behavior in 31 markets in order to understand what customers are particularly interested in in 2020. The basis of the study includes surveys with over 1,500 participants and observations from past economic recessions.

The results provide five basic insights for your marketing strategies.

The new customers are here!

When stores had to close during lockdown, more people shopped online – and stuck with them. Mobile online shopping has increased by more than 50 percent worldwide, especially among the financially strong Generation X population cohorts and baby boomers. Anyone who is reducing points of friction in the customer journey, optimizing their web shop for mobile first and giving new customers attractive discounts can benefit from this trend.

Online shopping is growing

Online shopping discovered: Even after the corona crisis, all age groups often want to shop online. (Source: “Coronavirus Research April 2020”, GWI, April 2020. Allocation according to age groups: Generation Z (16–23), Millennials (24–37), Generation X (38–56), Baby Boomers (57–64))

Self-giving is the trend

What should you give? Fortunately, this question does not apply if you know the recipient very well: yourself. Treating yourself to something is a way of staying optimistic in difficult times and rewarding yourself for hardships. Affordable luxury items such as ice cream, chocolate, lipstick or nail polish are particularly popular in times of recession. 74 percent of Christmas shoppers worldwide say that they are looking for gifts for themselves.

Help your customers find what they love. You can use polling ads as a starting point for personalized recommendations. AR technology makes it possible to try out products before purchasing them, for example by placing AR camera effects on a selected sofa in the room.

Customers open up to innovative products and services

Changed living conditions due to current restrictions have made customers curious about new solutions, for example food delivery services were increasingly used, and new hobbies created new needs. The joy of experimentation also affects the Christmas business. Worldwide, 64 percent of those surveyed want to try out more new products during the Christmas season than during the rest of the year.

You can take advantage of this trend if you use interest-based targeting on social media. With eye-catching ads such as stories ads on Instagram and Facebook, you draw attention to your offer and can emphasize benefits, quality or low prices. Offer live advice because new users are looking for orientation.

Fancy new products at Christmas shop

Many people around the world try out new products during the Christmas season. 57 percent are in the Europe / Middle East market. (Source: “Facebook Seasonal Holidays Study”; YouGov, Dec. 2019)

Values ​​are more in demand than ever

Customers want companies that are clearly committed to a good cause. This attitude intensified during the corona crisis: 82 percent believe that brands should make a positive contribution, for example by offering free services. 47 percent of internet users worldwide state that they no longer use a product or service because a company has violated values ​​that are personally important to them. The motto is clear: do good and talk about it. Think about charitable activities and give your customers the opportunity to donate money using the fundraising and donation features of Facebook and Instagram.

Crisis drives Q4 sales events

Black Friday, Cyber-Monday and other discount battles will grow in importance this year. Increased financial worries increase the awareness of cheap offers and discounts. In Germany, 25 percent of those surveyed want to wait for promotions, discounts and offers before accessing a desired product. In other markets peak values ​​of up to 40 percent are achieved. With timely preparation, the sales event will be a success. The Facebook study recommends adapting to customer shopping preferences and accelerating the buying process through automation and machine learning.

Popularity of sales

Long-awaited sales events: In Germany, 25 percent of customers are waiting for discounts in order to buy a product. (Source: “Coronavirus Research April 2020”, GWI, April 2020. 25. “Facebook Seasonal Holidays Study”; YouGov, Dec. 2019)

Christmas 2020: The Marketing Guide for Your Business

Many more insights for your Christmas business can be found in Facebook’s free marketing guide on the subject. The 35-page guide “The Facebook Christmas Bundle 2020” analyzes the effects of the corona crisis and the changed behavior of individual target groups. Recommendations for action for your own shop appearance and the e-commerce strategy up to the party make it an informative read.

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