Social Media Marketing: This tool finds the right contacts for your content

Rebel Discovery is designed to serve as a CRM for social media managers. With the tool you should find exactly those Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that are interested in sharing your content.

Rebel Discovery: Tool is looking for multipliers for you

With Rebel Discovery, the startup RebelMouse has developed a new tool that companies can use to track down exactly the social media accounts that are interested in their shared content. The underlying idea is simple: there are usually dozens of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for almost every topic. In turn, they are constantly dependent on new content. Rebel Discovery wants to help you find them and get in touch with the makers.

Rebel Discovery suggests a series of keywords for each of your social media posts. Depending on which one you choose, the tool will choose from the 75 million Facebook pages exactly those that deal with this topic. In addition, you will of course be shown the number of subscribers to the respective page. At the same time, the tool also tries to determine the website operator’s email address. If that doesn’t work, you can also research it yourself and save it in the tool.

Social media marketing: contacting possible multipliers via Rebel Discovery

Once you’ve identified enough potential multipliers for your content, you can contact them directly via Rebel Discovery . You can do this either by email, Facebook or Twitter. According to the manufacturer, the first tests among users of the tool should have resulted in an average increase in page views of 20 percent.

Rebel Mouse is currently conducting three-month test phases with its customers. If you think the tool could help your brand, use this form to get information about a product demo. You can then use it to obtain details about the prices, which unfortunately are not openly communicated.

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