Local SEO: Comprehensive checklist and free white paper help you optimize your website

Local SEO can be seen as a useful method with which SMEs can position themselves at the top of the Google search. The search engine experts at MOZ have now developed a whitepaper including a checklist that can help small businesses with this.

You run a restaurant in Berlin, a bike shop in Münster or a café in Hamburg, but your websites are not easy to find on Google? With this you block your potential customers, because the web search is often used before going to a store or a shop. According to a study by Google (PDF) , 80 percent (as of 2014) of users search online for local shopping options. If you can be found at the top of the search results, you can likely win new customers.

With marketing measures with which you optimize your internet presence for local search queries – also called local SEO – you can improve the findability of your website. To optimize the local visibility of your presence, you can carry out various steps that MOZ has summarized in a clear infographic.

Apart from the special advice for different types of company, MOZ also provides various tips that are universally applicable. This includes, for example, technical requirements, special local content and a lot more. In addition, MOZ offers a comprehensive white paper that you can have sent to you by email.

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