Reward marketing: 5 tips for increasing sales with vouchers

Vouchers are marketing instruments that are used to specifically encourage customers to buy. The five golden rules of professional coupon marketing reveal how the use of vouchers significantly boosts sales.

Limit vouchers

People always want what they cannot have. If you limit a discount offer to a specified number of items, the incentive to buy is increased for interested parties. If you give vouchers a countdown, which shows the customer in which time window to strike, you actively encourage customers to make a purchase decision.

Spread forward-looking offers

Online shops should reward regular customers during a checkout with a voucher that is tied to the next purchase in the shop. In order to offer a special incentive, customers should be shown how much discount the voucher would have brought with the current purchase when they received the voucher. Coupons are much more effective when the discount is in double digits. This suggests to the customer that they have the opportunity for a particularly large bargain.

Include vouchers in competitions or in recommendations from new customers

Vouchers have a great advertising effect and can be ideally integrated into competitions in large numbers. Online shops that offer attractive prizes in a raffle can reward participants who are not among the main winners with unlimited vouchers for their commitment. This contributes to the acquisition of new customers and general customer loyalty. Satisfied customers are the best advertisement . For this reason, it makes sense to give them an incentive to make recommendations within their environment. This succeeds in the case of new customer acquisition with the reward of vouchers.

Increase shopping cart value or waive shipping costs

Practice shows that vouchers that can only be redeemed from a certain minimum order value encourage buyers to order more. Therefore, it makes sense to give coupons a realistic value that buyers are willing to spend in order to receive a voucher. Depending on the product segment, different values ​​and their effect on purchasing behavior should be tested. Another option is to offer free shipping. Customers are happy that they only pay for their product and that they have saved money sensibly.

Guarantee uncomplicated redemption processes

Customers like to receive gifts and feel particularly valued as a result. The joy of redeeming vouchers, however, fades when they find themselves in complex and time-consuming processes that complicate the use of the coupon. The use of codes that automatically reduce the total in the shopping cart is a user-friendly variant in which customers can enjoy the reduced price without any effort.

Online shops have to assert themselves against a mass of competitors every day. If you want to position yourself positively, you should keep new and regular customers happy with discount campaigns. This makes a major contribution to customer care, increases the traffic in the shop and increases sales in a targeted manner.

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