Infographic: How brands influence our buying decisions

This infographic brings together 32 facts about brand loyalty and how it influences the shopping behavior of many shoppers.

Even if many people don’t want to admit it: brands undoubtedly have a significant influence on our consumer behavior. According to a 2015 Nielsen study, six out of ten consumers prefer buying products made by brands they know.

Brand loyalty does not only have a direct impact when purchasing a product, it can also have positive effects on online marketing. According to a survey of around 4,000 consumers from the USA, Germany and Great Britain, 64 percent of users would only open an email because they trust the brand. In the USA the value was even higher at 70 percent.

Infographic: 32 facts about the influence of brand loyalty on shopping behavior

The service provider Invesp, which specializes in the optimization of conversion rates, has collected a total of 32 facts on the subject of brand loyalty and prepared them in the form of an infographic. If you want to get a quick overview of the influence brands have on purchasing behavior and how brand loyalty differs depending on the market segment and gender, you should take a look at the graphic.

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