New options for advertisers: Facebook allows a more targeted approach

Facebook uses machine learning to enable advertisers to address their target group in a more focused manner. The AI ​​exchanges texts, formats and languages ​​on request.

Facebook knows what works for whom. Why shouldn’t the social media giant use this knowledge to optimize advertising? This is how the extended advertising offer on Facebook can be conceptually described. With three new approaches, Facebook wants to give its advertisers access to this knowledge. The presents the social network in detail in a blog post .

Dynamic advertising formats

In the future, dynamic advertising formats will allow different advertising formats to be displayed according to the respective preferences of the viewer. So if Facebook finds out that a user reacts to advertising in carousel format rather than static overviews, this user will be served accordingly in the future. The advertiser stores different formats, which makes sense. Alternatively, Facebook can generate different formats from given content itself, which may not be optimal.

Text optimization

With text optimization, advertisers store different text content for their advertisements. This can affect the main text, headings and description fields. Facebook then uses the findings from machine learning to show viewers the text combinations that it assumes that they will respond best to.

Translated ads

Last but not least, Facebook now enables advertisers to display their ads in the viewer’s local language. The translation can be done automatically; alternatively, advertisers can also store their own translations. A mixture of automatic translation for most parts of the world and manual translations for the most important target markets will probably make sense here.

The target group for advertisers for the innovations are smaller companies

Experience has shown that large advertisers with budgets in the millions have a wide range of advertising assets and rarely want to hand over control of addressing customers to an artificial intelligence.

Smaller companies, on the other hand, have few resources in terms of financial and human resources and would certainly appreciate machine support for their advertising efforts. Facebook is targeting these companies with its machine learning advertising portfolio.

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