Marketing for Beginners: How to keep your content from getting lost in the crowd

Each of us is inundated with tons of emails, posts and messages every day. The consequence? We just skim most of the content, a lot gets lost in the crowd.

Nowadays you can access any knowledge at any time. It is no longer necessary to attend seminars or the like in person, to look for regional customers or to pull out the city map for navigation. Much of this can be done online. In the course of the last few decades, more and more innovations have emerged: the Internet, e-mails, websites, messenger services such as Whatsapp or social media. Each one has had a noticeable impact on our communication and thus the transfer of our information. Everyone wanted to be represented everywhere and to have something ahead of the rest. In the 21st century, a flood of information has arisen that no one can grasp.

So how can you ensure that your own website or your company’s website and its content do not get lost in the crowd?

How can we counter this?


A lot of information that we want to pass on to others is already available online. Pretty much all industries are represented several times, so that advice is often repeated. This makes it more and more difficult to stand out from the competition. So what can you do about it? Could the design be made significantly different? Can I use more videos? Could you look more personal than other agencies ? Look for aspects that others in your industry are not addressing and then implement them consistently.


Due to the steadily increasing flood of information, we can remember less and absorb less new knowledge. How can you do it justice? Reduce your content to the essentials. Use multimedia content such as images, videos and animations. Why? Visual content is more memorable and attracts interest faster. Also repeat important messages: The more we perceive things, the better we memorize them.


“The first impression counts” – have you heard that before? This saying applies not only to people, but also to content. In our digital world of today, we constantly get a first impression, for example when we visit the homepage of websites, the profile page on social media or look at the cover of a book. The first impression decides whether we spend a longer time with the person, the product or the company or not. So make sure that your content is always appealing and inviting. How do you do that?


Make sure that you use all elements of your corporate identity (colors, logo, slogan, story , graphics) equally on all channels. This means: If your company is characterized by the colors blue and white, you should stick to this color scale. The uniformity must not be lost even in small features. Large companies like Apple sometimes go into great detail so that the exact time 9:41 is always displayed on all product photos. Even at this seemingly insignificant and very detailed level, there are no exceptions or coincidences.


Would you read a book that had a white cover with no text at all? Probably not. The only question is why? One of the reasons for this is that your interest is not aroused. There is no text to suggest why this book should be read. Conversely, this means the following for content: You have to make the benefits clearly visible . Use the so-called hero section (the top third of each page) on your website and the description or bio on Instagram on social media and mention the benefits for which people should follow you. The earlier the benefit becomes visible to your prospects, the longer they will deal with the content.


Nothing plays a bigger role in our perception than design. It’s a good indicator to see how accurate, detailed, and precise a company is. Why can you say that? If companies use an individual design that is tailored to their needs, this shows value and precision. It is therefore worthwhile to focus more on design and aesthetics – especially since we can use these things in such a way that we always leave a professional and unique impression. If a company does not have a coordinated CI, it can make a bad impression on the outside world. Therefore, develop a specific design guideline to avoid such mistakes and thus give a positive impression. And remember: Information can be copied much faster than your brand identity, which is visible to others through your CI.


Our means of communication and thus the transfer of information are subject to constant change. A few decades ago you had to rely on the daily newspaper to view job advertisements. Today such information can be called up in a few seconds. Go ahead of your time and deal with current communication tools such as messenger services, social media and podcasts to make your information visible and understandable for everyone.


It is therefore crucial that content is prepared in such a way that it can be consumed as easily and quickly as possible – snackable content is the keyword. The focus should therefore be on presenting information briefly and concisely in such a way that it appears primarily useful, relevant and interesting to others. Therefore, increasingly use multimedia content such as images, videos and animations and present them accordingly on the platforms. Ensure uniqueness by developing a CI tailored to your company and applying it everywhere.

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