Higher, faster, further: 7 tips for scalable content marketing

Content is an effective means of increasing sales, but how do you scale efficient content marketing ? The following seven tips will help with this mammoth task.

1. Automate the topic research

Researching the subject is complex and time-consuming, writes Tampon. He therefore uses some services that speed up the process. First and foremost is “ If this, than that ” (IFTTT). Tampon couples the web service with the RSS feeds of important blogs and can be used to send current articles via email. In this way, they can keep an eye on which topics are currently relevant and find inspiration for their own content.

Another web service for this task is Buzzsumo . Tampon uses its filter to filter out the most shared contributions from the relevant industries, he writes in his article. But the comments of interested readers also regularly contain topic ideas, says Tampon. To export all comments, he uses the WordPress plug-in ” Comment Contact Exporter ” from Seer Interactive.

Tampon also mentions the “ Content Discovery Scraper List ” as a final recommendation . With the help of the topics generated in this way, he always finds “quick inspiration”. Although the list is in English, it can be translated quickly.

2. Find a co-author

For larger projects such as an e-book, Tampon recommends working with a suitable co-author. This not only leads to better content, but also to a greater reach.

3. Share content in multiple formats

Transferring existing content to new formats is relatively cheap but effective. Perfect for small campaigns. For this purpose, marketers convert a presentation into a blog post and a video, for example, and thereby increase their reach despite relatively little effort.

But that’s not all. Tampon recommends converting the most popular and successful posts into pages. They would usually rank better and, above all, permanently. In order to select the appropriate contributions, website operators should consider the number of visitors, shares and links, explains Tampon.

4. Write guest posts regularly

Guest posts not only serve the reputation and link building, but also the reach. Those who regularly write for other websites are slowly bringing their visitors to their own platform. It is only important to give them clear incentives to do so. Tampon also has some tips for beginners:

  • Start writing for websites that are already linking to your site. Its operators are more likely to agree to such requests. Tampon recommends thanking them first for their support (e.g. links or shares) and then asking whether there is a fundamental interest in regular guest contributions.
  • Publish enough quality content on your website. You can then better link your own subpages in your guest posts, a big step towards good rankings.
  • Only write for strong websites. According to Tampon, a good criterion for selection is, for example, the domain authority of the Moz Toolbar.

5. Develop a strong content team

For more content, more authors are needed in the long term. According to Tampon, clear guidelines and instructions are needed in this context. Only they guarantee uniform communication in the long term. A contribution on this topic that is well worth reading can be found at Distilled .

6. Optimize your content

It pays to optimize your own content for both users and search engines. Tampon gives the following tips on this, but also refers to the classic on-page tactics .

  • Use terms that are related to the industry to increase the chance of rankings in the longtail.
  • Use longer text phrases for internal links. This increases the click rate, says Tampon.
  • If possible, always link relevant posts from your own website to guest posts.

7. Invest in marketing your content

Marketing is responsible for 50 percent of your website’s success, according to Tampon. So use all your options, but especially the inbound channels. Tampon considers marketing via email to be particularly important. It can be combined well with classic content marketing, he emphasizes.

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