Boku no Pico

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Boku no Pico is a a series of hentai reverse shotacon (transgender young boys portrayed in an erotic manner) OVAs released by Natural High studios. Due its explicit sex scenes and pedophile nature it’s often used as a troll suggestion to anime newcomers and as a shock video.


The OVA series were made by Natural High studios and directed by Katsuyoshi Yatabe,[2] and were released to DVD by the group of adult movies companies Soft on Demand. There’s a total of 3 episodes, one edited version from the first epiosde, a manga, a PC game and a compilation of songs.[3]

  • Episode 1, released on September 7th, 2006: My Pico (Japanese: ぼくのぴこ Boku no Piko): An effeminate boy called Pico meets a man called Tamotsu “Mokkun,” who seduces him believing he’s a girl. Mokkun later discovers he’s actually a boy after they have interncourse.
  • Episode 2, released on April 19th, 2007: Pico and Chico (Japanese: ぴことちこ Boku to Chiko): Pico becomes friends with a boy called Chico after meeting on the beach. When Pico goes to Chico’s house, they spy on Chico’s sister masturbating after which they have intercourse.
  • Episode 3, released on October 9th, 2008: Pico x Coco x Chico (Japanese: ぴこ×CoCo×ちこ Piko x Coco x Chiko): Pico and Chico meet a femenine-looking runaway boy called Coco, and Pico slowly falls in love to him. After Pico catches Chico and Coco having relations, they reconcile and have a threesome.


Soon after the release of the first episode, Boku no Pico became a common troll tactic on sites like 4chan as a suggestion for anime recommendation threads.[5] The first registered use dates from 3rd February, 2008,[6] as most 4chan archives don’t register back further than that.

File 1286917378.ipg-(272 KB, 700x766, 1286630882298.jpg) Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)17:02 No.41235451 Doubles chooses what anime series i watch tomorrow (on my day off) Anonymous 10/12/10 (Tue)17:03 No.41235466 boku no pico 「Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)17:03 No.41235489 341235466 SMOKE WEED ERRDAY Oh my god I'm laughing so fucking hard right now Hayate lh0Eem2xrR16 10/12/10(Tue)17:04 No.41235497 File1286917443 ipg-(44 KB, 704x396, 1259630502626.jpg) 41235466 Gentlemen Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)17:04 No.41235498 File1286917445. png-(39 KB, 87590, 1282697150598.png) 41235466 「Anonymous 10/12/10(Tue)17:04 No.41235499 File1286917447 -(18 KB, 435x275, 1285841434281 .jpg) 41235466 Anonymous 1 0/12/10(Tue)17:04 No. 41235503 text Austin I need to start getting back into watching more anime. Excel Saga's getting slighty old (Even though I still love it). I wonder if that anime adaptation of Hamlet" by William Shakespeare is any good? I love Hamlet, insanity at its best. 3 hours ago Like Comment Cynthia likes this. 2 hours ago Like Austin Have you watched Excel Saga or something? 2 hours ago Like You seem really cheerful Aust 2 hours ago Like Cynthia yes i have my sister showed me some of it when she borrowed ur disks im still watching all kinds of anime 48 minutes ago Like Start out with Boku no Pico Like Mm, Japan. Jonathan, 25 minutes ago Austin Boku No Pico, got it. 9 minutes ago Like Sasuke Uchiha text font line